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Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence

The task hasnt been a simple one. Any functional new pair of DNA bases would have to bind with an affinity comparable to that of the natural nucleoside base-pairs adeninethymine and cytosineguanine. There is no chance of the organisms escaping and replicating in an uncontrolled fashion. Beyond the immediate application of designing better protein folds, the expanded genetic alphabet opens a path for synthetic biology to become a much larger playground for developing very complex systems of. Getting live bacteria to replicate altered DNA was another challenge entirely. The bacteria would need either to synthesize the new genetic letters themselves or to import them from the surrounding culture medium.

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In principle, we could encode new proteins made from new, unnatural amino acidswhich would give us greater power than ever to tailor protein therapeutics and diagnostics and laboratory reagents to have desired functions, Romesberg said.

Artificial synthesis of dna
Other applications, such as nanomaterials, are also possible. Several of the above reports commented that the fact that the two artificial nucleotides have to be supplied to the organismthey cannot be manufactured by the organismis a strong plus from a safety standpoint.
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