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Guidance On Passport Services: Supporting Document : Consulate

No police verification needed to renew passport - Times of India

However, there is no proposal to discontinue Tatkaal system, as it serves the purpose of issuing passports for urgent travel needs, the minister said. Meanwhile, the Home Ministry is working on a country-wide online police verification project for passports that will cut down the time required for issuing the. Let us, however, examine the entire process and documentation required. First, in a digital world, to take two paper copies of each document is quite unnecessary. Scanning can substitute needlessly cutting trees. I put all the required paperwork together, including bank statements, society letter, electricity bills and a letter of good character from a government servant. As a result, I did get my passport under the Tatkal scheme speedily, despite an initial hiccup with my past police.

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Written by Janmejaya Sinha Updated: May 2, 2016 2:52 pm. The Aadhaar card that 700 million Indians already have has biometric proof of identity. The only other thing that might be needed is proof of address.

Passport police report incomplete
Name of the passport holder, lost passport number, issue and expiry date of lost passport must be mentioned in the police report. Police report with incomplete.
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