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A prompt initial referral would have saved time, suffering and the long list of repeated investigations which including several complete blood counts, liver and kidney function tests, ultrasonographies and an endoscopy. She was 6 months into a pregnancy with her first child. Her problems had started after she had left her joint family subsequent to frequent quarrels with her in-laws and had started to live along with her husband in a small rented accommodation. The syndrome is typically related to depression and is mostly found in middle-aged or older people. A few cases have been reported in young people with 90 of these being females.

Both of these were increased to 30 mg and 10 mg, respectively, over the next five days. The patient showed remarkable recovery within the next 4 weeks. MADRAS 9 scores came down to 18 from an initial score of 44.

Cotard syndrome two case reports
The patient was dressed appropriately and was well groomed. Her speech was coherent and relevant. Her complaints included insomnia, a general loss of interest, lack of concentration and a feeling of hopelessness.
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What is important is that you record enough information so that you fully understand the notes you ve made and so that the notes contains all important or necessary details. Looking back at an entry, even months later, it should be clear to you exactly.

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