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A Biography of George Mason. As the summer wore on, compromises were reached on most major issues, but a growing Federalist consensus. Madisons room. What He Said: On the War of 1812: I flung forward the flag of the country, sure that the people would press onward and defend it. Under the new Constitution, the nations powers will be derived from the superior power of the people. However, a hasty compromise was worked out permitting the slave trade to continue for another 20 years. This compromise upset Mason, and he wrote bitterly to. Jefferson of "the precipitate, and not to say indecent, manner in which the business was conducted, during the last. Largely participating in the drafting of the U.S. Constitution, George Mason was one of three convention delegates to not sign it, due to its shortcomings.

He spoke out strongly against a 10- mile-square Federal district that ironically came to be located just a few miles from his home. Concerning the proposed District of Columbia, Mason said: "This ten miles square may set at defiance the laws of the surrounding states.

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He alone wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. He doubled the land size of the United States when he made the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon. Napoleon needed cash to conquer Europe; Jefferson wanted the land to safeguard against a future French invasion.
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