Van Niel was aware that some photosynthetic bacteria could use hydrogen sulfide (H2S) instead of water for photosynthesis and that these organisms released sulfur instead of oxygen. Van Niel, among others, concluded that photosynthesis depends on electron donation and acceptor reactions and that the O2.

Role of nanomaterials in water treatment applications: A

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5 This flexibility allows for controlling the shape and arrangement of the fibers so that different structures ( i.e. hollow, flat and ribbon shaped) can be fabricated depending on intended application purposes. Nanofibers can also be collected in a highly aligned fashion by using specialized collectors such as the rotating drum, 33 metal frame, 34 or a two-parallel plates system. 35 Parameters such as jet stream movement and polymer concentration have to be controlled to produce nanofibers. The discharged polymer solution jet is unstable and elongates as a result, allowing the jet to become very long and thin. Charged polymer fibers solidifies with solvent evaporation. 5 32 Randomly-oriented nanofibers are collected on the collector.

1 2 5 There exist many different methods to make nanofibers, including drawing, electrospinning, self-assembly, template synthesis, and thermal-induced phase separation. Electrospinning is the most commonly used method to generate nanofibers because of the straightforward setup, the ability to mass-produce continuous nanofibers from various polymers.

Literature review nano catalysts water purification
Contents 1 History of nanofiber production 2 Synthesis methods 2.1 Electrospinning 2.2 Thermal-induced phase separation 2.3 Drawing 2.4 Template synthesis 2.5 Self-assembly 3 Polymer materials 4 Applications 4.1 Tissue engineering 4.2 Drug delivery 4.3 Cancer diagnosis 4.4 Lithium-air battery 4.5 Optical sensors 4.6 Air filtration.
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