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Sports Hernia - Sports Medicine Imaging

Sports Hernia - Diagnosis and Repair

During the last phase of his treatment program, Mitch starts to run and perform drills to replicate movements similar to soccer, and prepare his body for the stress of rejoining the team. Sharp groin pain with exertion is also a typical symptom. Pain often occurs exclusively with intense sprinting, kicking, twisting, or "cutting and subsides rapidly with rest. Significant training and competition time can be lost due to the chronic groin pain caused by sports hernia. AL Adductor longus, RA rectus abdominis, P pyramidalis. Conjoint Anatomy 2. PD-weighted coronal-oblique MR images obtained in the plane of the pubic bone further illustrate the location and relationships of conjoint tendon (orientating sagittal image on the left shows the exact plane and location of. Stress from repetitive twisting, kicking, and turning at high speeds is a likely cause of injury. Casual exercisers and nonathletes can also experience a sports hernia. Physical therapists can help individuals with a sports hernia improve their abdominal and hip strength and flexibility in order. P pubic crest. Fig 3. Ultrasound of conjoint tendon tear. The abnormal RIGHT conjoint tendon was mildly swollen and markedly tender over a well-defined short hypoechoic cleft of complicating central intrasubstance split tear (arrow). Normal

Consult your physician. Back to Top How Is It Diagnosed? If you see your physical therapist first, your therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation that includes taking your health history. Your therapist may ask whether you: Have groin pain that occurs when you are sprinting.

Sports hernia
Pain may be evoked with a resisted abdominal crunch and tenderness elicited most commonly over the conjoint tendon immediately superomedial to pubic tubercle. Many patients also exhibit tenderness over the ipsilateral adductor longus origin and/or have a positive adductor squeeze test in bent knee position.
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