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Something Wrong? Help Us Clean It Up. Tell Us About It. The Russian economy was badly affected by the end of the war and to promote its quick recovery, he initiated the GOELRO plan, the first ever national recovery directive. He organized several protests and was soon arrested and executed on April 25, 1887, on charges of conspiracy against the Tsar. Something Wrong? Help Us Clean It Up. Tell Us About It. Something Wrong? Help Us Clean It Up. Tell Us About It. The Russian Revolution, Re-Exile World War I. In 1904, Russia was at war with Japan and it had an intense impact on the Russian society, causing people to object and call for a political.

Help Us Clean It Up. Tell Us About It. He signed a peace treaty with Germany, which caused resentment among his fellow party members. The peace treaty failed and the Germans attacked Russia leaving Lenin no choice but to shift the Soviet Government headquarters from.

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Around this time, he became influenced with Karl Marx and joined St. Petersburg University, where he finally completed his law studies and later passed the bar exams. Something Wrong? Help Us Clean It Up.
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